Swithun intercessions

Loving God,
In this your world, you have provided daily bread for all your children; move in the hearts of all those who work to preserve the ways of greed, oppression and inequality. Today we especially thank you for our trade unions, and ask you to continue to bless them in their tireless pursuit of fairness for all.
In your mercy…

Jesus our brother,
Child of three parents; though you had sisters and brothers, you chose to call your friends sister and brother. We thank you for the diversity of human families — original, chosen and acquired — and for the love you show through them. Bless especially today new parents across the two-thirds world whose hearts break because they can provide nothing for their children but love and hope.
In your mercy…

Holy Spirit,
As you sent Swithun to the people of Wessex so we remember today all the people of the Diocese of Winchester, and especially Tim Dakin, Jonathan Frost and David Williams. In your love, work through them to renew mission and become agents for real social transformation.
In your mercy…

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