Salome intercessions


Today the Church remembers Salome, a disciple of Christ. Salome is one of numerous women found in the Gospels who followed Christ during his earthly ministry, but who have become irrevocably confused in Christian tradition. Whether she was the mother of James and John, or the sister of Mary the mother of Jesus (or both), she was one of the followers “who provided for him in Galilee”. Salome is recorded as a witness to Christ’s crucifixion and one of those who went to anoint his body. Therefore, let us remember today all our siblings throughout history whose faith and dedication we have forgotten, ignored or suppressed.


Loving Mother,
We give thanks to you for all the faithful work of our sisters in Christ in all times and all places. We especially give thanks for all those who have been leaders and teachers of the faith but whose contributions have never been recognised, and even whose names are lost to history. We ask you to continue breathing your spirit into this broken world through your beloved daughters in all their various ministries, but especially through those whom you call as deacons, presbyters and bishops.
In your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

Holy Sophia,
Send your comfort, your passion and your love
– upon all those who have prayed in this church and in our chapel;
– upon Oak Hill and Mike Ovey;
– upon Thoothukudi-Nazareth diocese in the Church of South India, and especially their leadership during their vacancy.
In your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

Sister Christ,
We confess our complicity in all manner of wilful ignorance. We thank you for those people who challenge our unacknowledged assumptions; and we ask you to cure us of our personal and institutional blindness to your glorious diversity made tangible through all your beloved children.
In your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

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