Love is patient

Fury flares, and anger clings onto each heart by her fingertips,
Her sudden, feeble grip loosens under every shining mote of

So much hate.
While hate is in a hurry,
Love is patient;
So love will endure.

Good disagreement? Reconciliation?
What are these but the scaffolding ’round the
Crumbling structures of oppression?

It’s happened this way before:
So we know love will endure:

For the love of all our siblings,
We fight for nothing more than compromise.
(We’d have no person forced to marry,
We’d have no priest forced to marry.)
So much energy into mere compromise —
Into begging for the scraps from the table —
And yet there is no progress.

Hate will fade,
Love will endure &
Hope will bloom.

We’re not asking for the world,
We only ask for bread,
You’ve not even given us a stone.