May Day intercessions

Loving Mother, Creator G*d,
We thank you for the beautiful spring weather we enjoy in these isles,
And we pray that you make us your bright rays of sunshine for someone in their grey showers.
In your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

Comrade Christ, our Light and our Way,
We thank you for everyone who works for the good of the people and the community — especially our public servants and those who challenge the callous narrative of austerity for the people, prosperity for the rich,
And we pray for all those who struggle in their work, or with under- or unemployment, or who are disabled by our broken society, and for all who are complicit in their oppression.
In your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

Sister Spirit, wild goose,
We thank you for everyone who offers hospitality and welcome to your belovèd children,
And we pray for our siblings who seek refuge, whether wanting — as we all do — a better life, or fleeing war or oppression.
In your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

Salome intercessions


Today the Church remembers Salome, a disciple of Christ. Salome is one of numerous women found in the Gospels who followed Christ during his earthly ministry, but who have become irrevocably confused in Christian tradition. Whether she was the mother of James and John, or the sister of Mary the mother of Jesus (or both), she was one of the followers “who provided for him in Galilee”. Salome is recorded as a witness to Christ’s crucifixion and one of those who went to anoint his body. Therefore, let us remember today all our siblings throughout history whose faith and dedication we have forgotten, ignored or suppressed.


Loving Mother,
We give thanks to you for all the faithful work of our sisters in Christ in all times and all places. We especially give thanks for all those who have been leaders and teachers of the faith but whose contributions have never been recognised, and even whose names are lost to history. We ask you to continue breathing your spirit into this broken world through your beloved daughters in all their various ministries, but especially through those whom you call as deacons, presbyters and bishops.
In your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

Holy Sophia,
Send your comfort, your passion and your love
– upon all those who have prayed in this church and in our chapel;
– upon Oak Hill and Mike Ovey;
– upon Thoothukudi-Nazareth diocese in the Church of South India, and especially their leadership during their vacancy.
In your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

Sister Christ,
We confess our complicity in all manner of wilful ignorance. We thank you for those people who challenge our unacknowledged assumptions; and we ask you to cure us of our personal and institutional blindness to your glorious diversity made tangible through all your beloved children.
In your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

A Republican prayer

Re: the Liturgical Commission’s Prayers for use when Elizabeth Windsor becomes the longest reigning monarch in British history (9 September 2015)

All-Loving G*d,
whose Son Jesus Christ was executed for sedition against imperial power,
we thank you that you created all the great diversity of humankind in your image,
and are every day building up your commonwealth on earth through the work of human hands:
move in the hearts of all your children to establish your order of equality for all,
that we may transform the unjust structures of society in service of the common good,
until not one beloved sibling languishes in poverty and distress. Amen.

Swithun intercessions

Loving God,
In this your world, you have provided daily bread for all your children; move in the hearts of all those who work to preserve the ways of greed, oppression and inequality. Today we especially thank you for our trade unions, and ask you to continue to bless them in their tireless pursuit of fairness for all.
In your mercy…

Jesus our brother,
Child of three parents; though you had sisters and brothers, you chose to call your friends sister and brother. We thank you for the diversity of human families — original, chosen and acquired — and for the love you show through them. Bless especially today new parents across the two-thirds world whose hearts break because they can provide nothing for their children but love and hope.
In your mercy…

Holy Spirit,
As you sent Swithun to the people of Wessex so we remember today all the people of the Diocese of Winchester, and especially Tim Dakin, Jonathan Frost and David Williams. In your love, work through them to renew mission and become agents for real social transformation.
In your mercy…

Visitation intercessions

Mary, full of grace,
God is with you
Blest are you among all our sisters
and blest is Jesus your son.

Loving God,
We pray for all this House, and especially for Will Lamb and Antonio Garcia-Fuerte.
We pray for the people of Limpsfield & Tatsfield and for Matt Drummond, serving among them;
for the people of Grimshoe and for Berkeley Zych, serving among them.
We pray for the people of the Diocese of Oxford; for Colin Fletcher, Alan Wilson and Andrew Proud;
for the people of the Dioceses of Northwestern Pennsylvania and of Pennsylvania and for Sean Rowe and Clifton Daniel their respective Bishops.

Mary, full of grace…

Loving God,
as our sister Mary once rejoiced, work through our hands that we too may see the mighty brought down and the humble lifted up
as our sister Mary once rejoiced, love through our hearts that we too may see the hungry filled and the rich sent away empty
as our brother Jesus once leapt for joy, rest in our minds that we too may recognise the good which has gone before us, thinking this week especially of those who are Leaving this House

Mary, full of grace…

Intercessions — on children

(During the General Election 2015 purdah; shortly after the 2015 Nepal earthquake; the day after the birth of the second Middleton-Windsor child.)

Holy God, Loving Parent,
We remember our siblings suffering in Nepal, every one your beloved child,
Grow in each of us compassion and courage to do all we can for all our siblings.

Holy God, Born of Mary,
We thank you for every child born into this world, each one equal in your love,
Comfort all parents and children who have nothing.

Holy God, Spirit of Peace,
We pray for these nations, for politicians and people,
Send on every one of us your concern for your children in need.

St Patrick’s day intercessions

Loving God, Spirit of Joy,
We pray for peaceful celebrations of St Patrick’s day,
and for all people who have issues around drugs — especially alcohol.
In your mercy…

Loving God, Son of David,
We pray for the Israeli parliamentary elections
and for all people in and around Israel-Palestine.
In your mercy…

Loving God, Heavenly Parent,
We pray for all who have suffered child sex abuse
and for an end to all enabling of abuse: here and abroad; in churches and in society.
In your mercy…


Loving God, we pray

  • for all who are sick in body, mind and spirit — especially those who are known only to you;
  • for all who suffer this day through famine of disaster — especially those affected by the Himalayan avalanches;
  • for all victims of abuse and violence, intolerance and prejudice — and for all who collude with oppressive structures;
  • for all who are bereaved — and for those who support them;
  • for all who work in the medical and healing professions — especially for those treating victims of the Ebola outbreak

In your mercy…

In this House’s cycle of prayer, we pray for…
In your mercy…

and finally in a moment of silence we bring before you our own concerns…
In your mercy…